#135 Paul Ford – Gongs and Sound Therapy  


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Journey into the visceral world of gongs and sound therapy with Paul Ford of Gongwalkabout.

Paul, also a counsellor and psychotherapist, shares the story behind how gongs came into his life and how he began to offer sound healing to the world. He explains the fascinating process of how gongs are made and how from the outset they are designed and crafted to create and evoke a response in people.

Paul explains how the power of gongs, and their sound, lies in their ability to stop people and almost force them to be present in themselves and to be aware of what’s going on inside in that moment.

Paul is a deeply thoughtful and gentle man and I was very flattered he shared his wealth of experience with me in this conversation.

For the listener, you won’t just learn about this truly mystical instrument, you will also be challenged to open up to the perceptive of sound as a healing tool as well as be invited to become curious about de-layering yourself to reveal your real authentic self.

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