#136 Quintin Tufoua – SWAG: Someone With A Goal 


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Meet and enjoy the drive behind Perth’s S.W.A.G. podcast, with founder and host Quintin Tufoua.

Through his SWAG podcast, Quintin interviews some of Perth’s resident millionaires in order to connect aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge and wisdom of successful local business people. He himself has set the goal of generating $50m in 10 years.

Quintin candidly shares how his relationship with money has developed and how the podcast has played a key role in his journey to turn things around from being, by his own words, ‘an over controlling dickhead’ to the man he is now – comfortable in his own skin in among others.

Quintin goes deep on the lessons he’s learnt from the millionaires he’s interviewed and how, despite common perceptions about anyone who has generated a wealth of money, underneath they are still people with similar issues and concerns. He puts forward how one of his major learning points is that the focus isn’t solely on the money but balancing that with health, family, faith and fulfilment.

As I often find when talking with people who are open and proud of their faith, Quintin is a wonderfully strong and passionate man who is very clear about his priorities in life and his pursuit of them – which is so refreshing to be around.

For the listener, in addition to the wealth of insights Quintin shares, you will be given a great example of just where taking imperfect action can and will take you.

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