#143 Amy Jacobson – Emotional Intelligence


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Take a timely dive into the world of Emotional Intelligence and Human Behaviour with expert, coach and keynote speaker Amy Jacobson.

Amy and Bryn start off by exploring about how and why the current disruption of the Corona Virus outbreak is effecting all of us deeply at an identity level.

Amy then explains in detail what emotional intelligence is and how it is not only a key to high performance and success in the corporate world but also in the current disrupted environment we now find ourselves in. She also talks extensively about the importance of taking ownership and showing empathy as further keys to success in life.

Amy has a wonderful ability to clearly explain some taxing everyday life challenges and she call on everyone to extract as much enjoyment and love out of the current situation.

For the listener you will come to realise that our mindset is exactly what will determine how you come out of the corona virus situation – so ask yourself ‘How do you want to remember this Corona experience?’ because the answer is entirely down to you.

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