#144 The space between thoughts - Lisa Forrest


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Explore the possibility that lies in the space between thought with mindfulness expert Lisa Forrest, Founder and Chief Living Officer of Evermind, a mindfulness-based practise.

Lisa, former Olymipic Swim team captain, author, actor and broadcaster, tells how from a young age, as an elite gold medal athlete, she was aware that she ‘had trouble with her thinking’. However, it wasn’t until her late 40s did the penny drop that she could let thoughts go, a key learning that changed her world.

Lisa goes on to expand on key 'ways of being' such as mindfulness, resilience and compassion - both for others and self - during this Corona Virus period. She also provides some fascinating insights into the differing coaching styles she encountered in her swimming career and how they shaped some of her identity stories and work today.

The conversation is far ranging and expansive, including an exchange of views as to what the new reality could be like after Corona Virus.

Lisa is a wonderfully grounded lady who offers straight down the line explanations to some key life concepts, particularly Mindfulness, that can so often be shrouded in vagueness and lost in an overly hip and woke culture.

For the listener, you will provoked to challenge your attachment to your thoughts and levels of self-care by someone who has performed at the highest levels in many area of life.

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