#145 Stop Breathing in Coronavirus Stupid Gas and Ask Better Questions  


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Peter Sage returns to challenge and provoke you to educate yourself and ask better questions about where you are and what is happening in this Coronavirus environment - because there’s a very high probability, based on the biology of fear, that right now you’re being herded like a flock of sheep without any conscious realisation. Peter invites you to slow down, take a breath, listen, do some research, ask better questions and consciously make your own decisions. And if that’s too much for you then that’s ok too. Peter goes deep on the following:
  • Biology, physiology and psychology of Fear and its impact on your intelligence, decision making and immune system
  • Why this conversation will trigger you, why that is a good invitation
  • Explain of why your understanding of virus’ and the mechanics of getting ill is generally the reverse of what actually happens.
  • Why Coronavirus probably isn’t such a big deal to your health and why it could well turn out to be a hoax
  • Why the real threat to your wellbeing is actually the media – and how that is done by design.
  • Greater critical detail about the two key measures the media and officials are using to drive the narrative we consume each day and our perceptions of the Coronavirus Environment – 1) Number of New Cases, and 2) Number of Deaths.
  • How the two measures reinforce the a fear based subconscious belief that Coronavirus equals death.
  • Further detail on the testing of Covid-19 and why it’s possibly not what we think it is
  • The true agenda of the Media machine and the mechanics of how it works
  • The psychological mechanics of how we are subconsciously programmed
  • The influence of increased RF and links to altitude sickness symptoms that are being presented within the Coronavirus environment
  • Pharmaceutical corporate drivers their switch in focus from drugs to vaccines and some further details about the underlying assumptions behind vaccines
Peter, like myself, is Pro-Human and Pro-Health rather than anti-‘issues’ and for a very simple reason that is clearly explained in this conversation. Peter finishes by explaining why, while maintaining greatest empathy for those suffering, this maybe the best thing that could happen to us collectively. It has the potential to wake up our sensitivity to fear based agendas so that we no longer tolerate them and hold those establishments to account. It has the potential to wake us up to what really matters to be human. Currently there is little out there in terms of holding space for an adult critical and expansive discussion on the Coronavirus situation in its entirety, so please share this so we can make this happen. If you are called or need to talk further, particularly if you have been triggered by the content, then feel to reach out. With Personal Love and Faith in the greatest of humanity x More Peter Peter's Free Book: https://www.petersage.co/?r_done=1Peter's Coronavirus Training: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qtnChYmrrE Further Links Watch this interview: Download this Interview at: https://zoom.us/rec/share/4tdKCbKp-2xLfqftxBrzfZY8Q4G8aaa80XdL-fIOykYIeVb3oKy0FSF60T0KiI6_

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