#146 The Creative Power of “I Don’t Know” – Rebecca Dawson


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Consider a much higher perspective on our current situation as we welcome back WA real’s most downloaded guest of 2019, internationally renowned channel Rebecca Dawson.

In this conversation, Rebecca eloquently articulates what many of us are seeing in that the pressure and the strain on the weave of our society is not only exposing how everything is breaking down (government, money, legal systems, etc) but is also beginning to show us the greater gaps in that weave.

The listener is invited to become curious about the gaps, rather than being drawn to fix the straining weave and being pulled to one end of the duality or another, and to sit in a central position comfortable in a place of not knowing.

Why? Because it is in that place of not knowing and declaring “I am here” that you can truly birth something new – a new reality.

It’s time to let go of fixing, survival, ‘needing’ to do things and fulfilling self-imposed requirements; the time of carrying the heavy weight of karma and unconscious living has passed – it’s now time to ask what else is there and for a new dimension of experiencing, creating and exploring! Wow!

This is a very focused and intense conversation and there is no shame in listening back through it numerous times to let it fully settling within you.

Again, listen carefully for the use of ‘I’ and ‘we’ in the words Rebecca says.

Want to go deeper into this - follow the link: bit.ly/RebeccaDawsonConversationwiththeMasters

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