#149 Optimise Your Sleep, Optimise Your Life – Michelle Olaithe


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Sleep is one of our most critical functions as Humans, yet there is so much we either don’t know or take for granted about it - so increase your knowledge and learn how to optimise your sleep with Perth based sleep expert Michelle Olaithe.

Michelle explains in depth why we sleep and further detail about the different stages of sleep and their individual importance. She then goes on to provide clear steps of how to improve ‘sleep hygiene’ which will optimise your recovery and restoration in life.

Most importantly Michelle underlines the importance of sleep and details the nature of the relationship between sleep, well-being, immunity and high emotional and mental functioning. She points out that even prior to Corona Virus we were significantly impacting our health as Australia was suffering an overall sleep deprivation epidemic.

We also get into some of the fascinating current leading-edge research within sleep including a study which highlights how consciousness is something quite separate from brain function.

Michelle is very engaging and enthusiastic to share her wealth of expert knowledge making this truly great conversation.

As the listener you will have clearer idea of the importance of Sleep as a key tool to optimising your life.

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