#151 The Herbalist – Dipaunka Macrides


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Tap into over 35+ years of powerful healing herb and plant knowledge with renowned Perth based Herbal Alchemist Dipaunka Macrides.

From start to finish in this episode, Dipaunka shares his knowledge, philosophies, teachings and wisdom when it comes to working with and appreciating herbs. He goes further than just talking about the chemistry of the plant, he explains the energetics of how they combine to effect the impact on the human body that they do. We cover so many topics and applications.

Dipaunka is a super passionate and knowledgeable man and you can tell that this episode is only scratching the surface of his vast knowledge; I felt it was a real privilege that he chose to share this with me on the podcast.

For the listener, you will be given an abundance of simple options that can be added to your kitchen that will not only enhance the flavour of meals but significantly contribute to your health without having to reach for the pharmaceuticals.

The encyclopaedic volume of knowledge packed into this episode many well be too much for one listening of this episode - but that’s ok, because the episode is going nowhere, and you can listen to it over and over again!

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