#153 - Understand my Addiction to Knowing - Bryn Edwards


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A gift, an invitation, the sharing of one man’s truth, an energetic calling card or signature frequency broadcast – call it what you want.

In this episode I piece together observations and revelations from ‘doing my own life’, 100’s of podcasts and legacy interviews and many other authentic and real experiences.

  • How I’ve become addicted to ‘Knowing’ stuff and staying there
  • The Impact of the addiction to ‘Knowing’
  • Why there’s a need for me to comfortably sit in the Unknown
  • The Challenge to face myself in the Mirror and say ‘I don’t Know’
  • Extending beyond my limited sense of identity
  • True Leadership across all aspects of my life
  • The beauty of connecting to something bigger than myself

I felt it important to release this as a podcast episode as I watch so many cling on to that they know during the disrupted time influenced by Corona Virus.

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