#154 What if it were true? A conscious conversation with Tash Kelly


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I enjoyed a conscious conversation with previous guest Tash Kelly, conscious explorer and dreamer.

In this beautifully exploratory conversation with Tash, we held space to share observations and reflections about the recent shifts in the way we do life and the energy that surrounds that.

There is a strong emphasis throughout of letting go of our need for control and introducing more allowing as a key part of the modus operandi of life - particularly in these uncertain times.

By adopting this leading edge approach to life, we explore how it opens up space to experience what is to be, opens up greater possibility and possibility in front of us and also opens the gateway for a true connection to energies and intelligence that are so much bigger and expansive than we can perceive.

As always Tash brought her magical and inquisitive self, which really sets the tone and foundation that made this conversation possible.

For the listener, you will go on a fantastic journey of what may well be happening currently on a very deep level and you will be asked to consider – if just for a brief moment – what if it any of it were true?

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