#157 Time to Review Our Relationship with Capitalism - A conscious conversation with Paul Holliday 


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I enjoyed a conscious conversation with good friend and previous guest Paul Holliday, creator of the Human Excellence Project.

In a former life Paul was a mortgage broker and he shares his long held concern about the financial system, burdening debt and the systemic failure in the past to deal with the real issue at hand. He suggests it is now time that we have a serious review of our relationship with capitalism in its form.

While the conversation goes further into the impact of the Covid shake up to the world, state of mental health, fake online gurus, drama triangles and much more; time and again the common element that we continue to return to is the impact of capitalism effecting and directing people’s choices and behaviours.

This was a great conversation between two men, both 45, trying to make sense of the world – much like many of us. While it’s serious in parts there’s also a lot of humour as well.

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