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Join Andra, James and Tam as we recap the episode.

As Madison, Strand, and Walker drive to the trading outpost, Ofelia falls off the water tanker truck and Madison discovers she has been bitten. Nick and Troy catch up with Alicia and Nick tries to persuade her to come with them, but she declines and goes off on her own, while Nick and Troy drive to the outpost. Madison and the others arrive at the trading outpost and they let Ofelia rest. Nick relapses and takes a Vicodin pill meant for Ofelia. Alicia comes across another survivor, Diana, who took food that Alicia had scavenged from a restaurant. They initially threaten each other, but decide to share the food. Madison takes Ofelia to see Daniel, but Ofelia dies just as Daniel arrives. Nick and Troy go on a binge of drugs and drinking during the night. In the morning, Daniel tells Madison that she, Strand and Walker can come to the dam. Alicia and Diana work together to take on a herd of walkers. Nick informs Madison before she leaves that he and Troy will be staying at the trading outpost.

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