#74 – CIVIL WAR: There Will Be Blood vs. No Country for Old Men (Rebroadcast)


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or: I Have the Solution to Make Daniel Day-Lewis Happy Again

Peterson Hill returns to The War Bunker to help The Dudes decide a victor in the toughest Civil War Showdown to date! It’s a brutal no-holds-barred brawl that’s been a decade in the making. In one corner, we have There Will Be Blood’s Daniel Plainview armed only with a verbal venom and a barbaric bowling pin. In the other corner, No Country For Old Men’s Anton Chigurh wielding a killer haircut and an oxygen tank… for emphysema or somethin’. Two films enter but only can be named the essentialiest motion picture of 2007 (and perhaps the entire 21st century). Sit back and sip on a stellar stout while Chris, Jacob, and Peterson go to epic lengths to survive this merciless movie matchup.


00:17:37 – Review – There Will Be Blood
00:45:39 – Review – No Country for Old Men
“Wildlife Sculpture” – Generationals
01:25:45 – Civil War Showdown
01:58:59 – Beer Pairing: Yellow Belly by Omnipollo (in collaboration with Buxton Brewery)
“Our Time (2 Shine)” – Generationals
02:05:43 – Really Rad Recommendations

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