Podcast: Commemoration and Impact of the Great War


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Date of Publication: 09/11/2018 Description: The impact of the First World War can be observed throughout history and is even felt today as we commemorate the sacrifices made during this devastating war. In light of the end of the First World War Centenary, Kirk Allen met up with Drs. Aimee Fox and Nick Lloyd from the School of Security Studies' Defence Studies Department to discuss the importance of commemoration and the FWW's influence on the future of warfare. Additionally, this podcasts includes a short interview with William Philpot, Professor of the History of Warfare in the Department of War Studies, on the significance of the ending of the FWW and the lessons we can reasonably draw. __________________ After listening to this podcast, check out one of our past event recordings on the complexities of the First World War: http://bit.ly/2un6EFG __________________ For more news and information on upcoming events, please visit our website at KCL.AC.UK/WarStudies.

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