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Date of publication: 21/09/2018 Description: On 4-6 Sept, the Connections UK wargaming conference, hosted by King’s College London, once again succeeded in bringing together wargaming users, practitioners and academics "to advance and sustain the art, science and application of wargaming." In light of this event, we are once again going to talk wargaming. Despite how it sounds, Wargaming is not necessarily a leisure activity. Although war games are interesting and thrilling to play, many of these games are played in order to simulate and model armed conflict without the actual use of force. Through these wargames practitioners in the armed forces and academics alike often seek to better understand the dynamics of past and even future conflicts. In this edition of the War Studies Podcast, we are going hear from three of this year’s Connections UK organisers and participants broadly about wargaming in the academic and professional contexts as well as wargame design. Interviewees: - Prof Philip Sabin, Prof of Strategic Studies - Jim Wallman, Director of Stone, Paper, Scissors - Anna Nettleship, Former Arabic Linguist in the US Military and War Studies MA Student Featured recording; - Prof Wyn Bowen, Head of the School of Security Studies ________________________________________ This podcast was produced by Kirk Allen.

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