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What was it like to pioneer ethical fashion before that was even a phrase? For 27 years, Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson ran the iconic Australian fashion label Easton Pearson, known for its exquisite artisanal fabrics and embellishments, colourful exuberance and sense of fun.

They are the subjects of a new exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane, The Designers’ Guide: Easton Pearson Archive - an invaluable resource for fashion students and fashion fans. It’s also an important contribution to Australia’s cultural history, which fashion absolutely should be considered a part of.

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In this interview, we discuss why this Aussie icon, that sold at Browns in London and Bergdorf’s in New York, was such a big deal. Pam and Lydia decode their design and making processes, and detail how they started out on the business of fashion, and kept at it for so long.

We talk about how they pioneered and centred slow fashion and ethical production in the Australian context, and also in India, where their main workshop was located. We also have a frank discussion about the challenges of running an independent, slow fashion business in a fast fashion world.

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