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We need to talk. And we need to listen. Fashion is supposed to be modern, cutting edge, leading the way. But is it? Or is it stuck in old-fashioned tropes that place white culture at its centre? Now is the time to shake things up and insist on representation and inclusivity, and we all have our parts to play. But what does diversity really mean? Are we headed in the right direction, and are we going there fast enough?

In this week's Episode, we meet Kim Jenkins, a New York-based writer, educator and authority on the intersections between fashion, race and culture. Kim teaches at both Parsons, The New School and the Pratt Institute. She also sits on the advisory board of the Model Alliance.

She specialises in the sociocultural and historical influences behind why we wear what we wear, specifically addressing how politics, psychology, race and gender shape the way we ‘fashion’ our identity. Plus she's a massive vintage fan, and a serious fashion history buff.

At Parsons, Kim developed a class called Fashion & Race, which inspired this podcast. These are issues we need to be discussing more - from cultural appropriation vs. appreciation, to diversity on the runway and in imagery, through diversity and representation in all areas; not just race, but body type, age, sweeping away those old-fashioned beauty norms, all that.

This is an intriguing interview, and it's warm and beautiful and personal. You get to hear how Kim got to where she is today, what she loves and is inspired by. We talk about everything from what it was like for Kim to grow up black in a very white neighbourhood in Texas, how she found and formed her identity, why she fell in love with fashion TV, crazy Dallas style (oh the shoulder pads), and of course, where fashion has been and where it’s headed. Enjoy!

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