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The second in our series of Fashion Revolution-themed shows, this Episode is about the magical powers of the clothes swap. It's also about us having way too many clothes. And some of it is just about the charmed life of Patrick Duffy, New York’s clothes swap king, and co-founder of Global Fashion Exchange.

Buy less choose well is great, but it’s clearly it’s not what everyone’s doing. There are quite simply too many clothes in our wardrobes. Fashion resale is projected to be bigger than fast fashion within 10 years. Millennials are both the most sustainably minded and the biggest impulse buyers - they typically discard items after 1 to 5 wears. What we are seeing here is a picture of excess.

So now it’s time to consider some of the more creative ways we can tackle our clothing mountains and also our appetites for fashion.

What's the haulternative?

The simplest way to extend the life of your clothes is by giving them a new owner. And the greenest way to get a mad fashion fix is to go to, or hold a fashion swap.

Fashion Revolution week is April 18 - 24

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