Teatum Jones - the London Designers on Positive Fashion, Inclusivity & Activism


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“We truly believe in the power of fashion to present a pro-social message of inclusivity and positive identity." How’s that for a vision statement? These are the words of Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones, AKA London fashion duo Teatum Jones.

This year the British Fashion Council named them Positive Fashion Representatives. At London Fashion Week for Spring 19, they partnered with Youtube and Google in support of UN Women to present their collection: ‘Global Womanhood Part Two, 16 Days Of Activism.’ Instead of a runway show, they held a roundtable discussion on fashion's +++ Watch it here.

What role can fashion play in empowering women and girls? How can we modernise fashion and make it way more inclusive? How do we smash the idea that you have to look and be a certain way to qualify as beautiful, stylish, in fashion? How come fashion ignores disability - and keeps on getting away with it? Why do designers have a responsibility in this area, and how can they maximise their positive impact?

In this lively, thought-provoking Episode, we address these thorny issues and more, and have a laugh while we're at it. Positive fashion indeed!

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