Tim Jarvis, a Polar Explorer's Insights


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What to pack for an expedition to Antarctica? Or to keep yourself alive on a remote mountainside? In extreme conditions, clothes move way beyond fashion to become tools for survival.

In this Episode, you get to hang out with environmental scientist, polar explorer, author and adventurer Tim Jarvis, a man for whom pushing himself to the limits of his physical endurance is all in a day's work. But Tim doesn't undertake his incredible expeditions just to prove he's tough; he does it for a higher purpose - to spread the word about climate change, and show us how some of the remotest regions on Earth are being impacted by global warming.

In 1992, at the time of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, 25 mountains at the equator had a glacier. Most of these glaciers will be melted completely away within 25 years. Enter Tim's project 25-Zero. With support from travel and adventure brand Kathmandu, Tim and a team of climbers and filmmakers have been documenting rapid, irreversible melting.

In this interview, Tim shares what he's seen of climate change on his travels and what we can expect in future if we continue to emit carbon pollution at current rates. Scary quote: "We will have ice-free Arctic Ocean by the mid 2030s."

Loads of kids dream of beging explorers when they grow up, but few actually do it. What made Tim the exception? What are some of the crazier expeditions he's undertaken? How does he re-integrate himself into society after he's been away? We dig deep on inspiration and the pull of the extraordinary life, and finding yourself in the wilderness. We discuss climate grief, and staying motivated. Tim explains why he's encouraging kids to embrace Nature. Oh, and we dabble in the mysteries of the universe. Are you ready for a grand adventure?

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