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In this episode of the Warrior Mind Podcast I’m going to discuss the 10 essential elements of courage, how to develop them and their importance in peak performance and personal success.

10 Traits Of Courageous People Poses

The strength to do something that is frightening is one definition of courage. Because some people possess courage and others do not, it is important to identify which elements actually make-up this special characteristic.

With that said, here are 10 elements that courageous people possess.

1. Self-confidence.

Courageous people can be described as those individuals who really believe in themselves. This group of individuals usually know exactly what they stand for as well as who they are. The values of these people are normally strong so they tend to be good at recognizing their personal attributes and capabilities. Self-confident people can also easily be seen when comparing them to other personality traits since they normally have an extra pep in their step, possess an outlook that remains positive and they are always comfortable being who they say that they are wherever they go.

2. Conviction

Courageous people do not stand on the fence until others make a decision for them. Instead, they usually have a strong conviction of what they believe and they do not mind sharing them when others ask. You will never send those who have their own personal conviction following a crowd or change their opinion based on the wind because they are scared.

3. Integrity

When people are courageous, they have a great sense of integrity. These people do not waver between right and wrong but will clearly make a distinction between each based on their personal, legal and spiritual belief system. This is the group of individuals who are seen as fair, objective, and trustworthy.

4. Leaders

Courageous people are not followers. In fact, they are seen as leaders in any given situation and will serve as an example for others, especially when it comes to being respectful of others in authority. Leaders will not ask others to do anything that they will not do themselves. People usually respect these individuals because they are good at motivating others in during what is fair.

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5. Embrace the Unknown

People who are encouraged tend to follow their own intuition instead of depending on others. For instance, if they need to make an important decision in critical situations, they are free to follow their instincts.

6. Action

People who possess courage will not do a lot of talking. Instead, they will always take a certain amount of action that allows them to put their money where their mouth is.

7. Compassion

Individual who are courageous are not afraid of putting others needs above their own. In fact, they are very much aware of the responsibility that comes along with taking charge as well as taking the hit for bad decisions that others have done. What they do is often seen as selfless acts.

8. Objective

Trust, honest, and full disclosure with others is one of the ways that people can remain objective. Being objective allows the person to recognize their mistakes, correct them and then move on to keep from losing precious time.

9. Strength in Adversity.

Courageous people tend to shine more in the face of adversity instead of running from it. This group can move on quickly to solve problems instead of choosing to avoid them.

10. Change Masters.

When people are courageous, they learn to master change quickly instead of being fearful of it. Since life is filled with consistent change, they can move on without feeling like they are losing and not gaining.

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