How to Be Strong and Say No: Warrior Mind Podcast #463


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In this episode of the Warrior Mind Podcast I’m going to discuss the importance of personal boundaries and how to be strong and say no.

The Benefits of Saying No

No might just be a two-letter word, but it can significantly impact your relationships. For those who say it too much, it can make other people develop a negative attitude towards them and isolate them. On the other hand, if one says it too little, they might create room for stress by overbooking their schedule. It is, therefore, wise that individuals know when they should accept or refuse other people’s demands or requests.

Saying no has both positive and negative sides. Often people are afraid of saying no because they think it’ll separate them from their loved ones, or it can hurt their feelings, or they’re scared that they’ll feel guilty afterwards. However, saying no can also have a significant positive influence on your life. Here are some benefits of saying no.

It Showcases Bravery

Saying no can be difficult, especially to people who matter a lot. Often, we find ourselves saying, “I’ll think about it” or “I’ll confirm”. But when someone says a strong no without even giving an explanation, people see that as confidence, and you’ll gain respect too.

It Means One Values Their Time

Most times, we find ourselves doing things we don’t want because we’re scared of disappointing our loved ones. In the end, we end up spending our valuable time on things that won’t matter. Saying no, therefore, means that you understand how precious time is and don’t want to waste yours on something that’s not worth it.

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It’s Like Saying Yes At Times

Did you know that every time an individual says no to one thing, they’re saying yes to another? Think of it this way, when you refuse to engage in activities which don’t interest you, one frees up their time for other things. This hence encourages you to remain positive and focused on your goals and vision.

It Means You Know What You Want

Many individuals respond quickly to other people’s demands. But it’s wise if we will take time and think about what we really want. Sometimes we say yes even when we don’t want to because we’re afraid of being isolated or resented. However, if we know what we want, refusing to do things one doesn’t want will be easier.

It Means You’re Assertive

All of us have met those people who don’t take no for an answer. Even if you tell them no, they’ll keep pestering you until you agree to their demands. These people usually make it hard for you especially if you’re trying to remain productive. It’s, therefore, essential that you stand your ground. No matter which creative ways these individuals use to convince you, you’ll not change your mind. If your first answer was no, stick with it no matter the case.

Well, we’re not suggesting that saying no is easy. In fact, it is among the toughest answers one will ever give. Most of us were raised to agree with other people request. So when we don’t say yes, we often feel guilty. However, the more you’re saying yes when you mean no, you’ll create a stressful environment for yourself. Although saying no is hard, you’ll realize the more you say it, the more it becomes easier.

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