Never Lose a Customer with Joey Coleman


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00:00 Intro

01:25 What happens when you get customer experience right at an organizational level?

03:15 How do you know that you have a customer experience problem?

06:15 Give Away

06:54 Asking for feedback. Review or Survey?

10:00 What is a survey question to make people more open and honest?

14:35 At what point do you fire a customer?

19:51 What part of customer experience do even the pro's get wrong?

23:19 What's the best way to say no to a long term customer?

28:57 Price Reduction

34:56 How do you balance pre framing and apocalypse?

38:56 Modeling after the best in the world

41:47 Who should we pay close attention to right now?

48:39 Anticipate the customer needs/ Where do most companies miss?

51:42 Operation dictates. Experience = Consequence

54:33 Remove operational debt.

56:14 Experience over Technology

58:28 Real estate agent. First word that comes to mind?

59:36 What is Joey Coleman looking for in a realtor?

1:03:17 Outro

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