Episode 510 - Betrayal at Club Hyper Demon


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A shorter episode somehow spends 15 minutes on Cado’s new pets, parasitic wasps meant to eat moth eggs. Yuck. If that sounds nightmarish, just wait; Ren takes us into the chrome-infused hell of the very fast Hyper Demon. Cado’s also vibing with the absurdist Betrayal at Club Low, a new Cosmo D joint, and Patrick is surprised by Shovel Knight Dig, a Shovel Knight spin-off that’s gotten its hooks (or shovel?) in him. Then, we get into a spooky question bucket where we talk about Ghosts, Aliens, and Alien Ghosts.

Discussed: Hyper Demon 15:41, Betrayal at Club Low 32:49, Return to Monkey Island 46:40, Shovel Knight Dig 47:29, The Question Bucket 54:26, Outro and Announcements 1:10:40

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