WBSP008: Grow Your Business by Implementing Appropriate ERP Costing Strategies w/ Ram Krishnamurti


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When it comes to growth, the growth could fire back if you don’t have sufficient margins to sustain a business. If you have a busy shop floor with several variables that go into making your products, tracking your product costs could be critical. There are several methods of costing, which could vary across industries. Choosing an appropriate costing method could be a drain on your profitability and could mislead you into making incorrect business decisions, which could jeopardize your business.
In today’s episode, we have our guest Ram Krishnamurti, who discusses costing strategies for different businesses and why that matters for ERP implementations. He also breaks down some of the ERP concepts for executives who may not be familiar with ERP or ERP implementations. Finally, he shares some secrets into what makes ERP transformation projects successful and who would be the right fit to consider an ERP if they have never had one.
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