WBSP187: Grow Your Business by Learning To Secure OT Environments w/ Corey White and David Cundiff


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Due to the proliferation of IoT devices in manufacturing environments, the number of access points prone to attack has increased significantly. And while the OT environments don't have as thicker the code base as the IT environment, OT environments are less secure than IT. The lack of education in how to write production-ready software and a greater push for efficiency have been the reasons why OT devices are more prone to attack with higher safety consequences.

In today's episode, our guests, Corey White and David Cundiff from Cyvatar share their insights into how the tradeoffs for greater efficiencies and OEE may be driving cybersecurity issues in the OT environments. They also take a deep dive into a car manufacturer's story where they ended up losing millions of dollars due to a ransomware attack within 8 hrs of attack. Finally, they describe the mechanics of ransomware, how the codebase in OT and IT differ, and why OT devices are harder to secure and more prone to attacks than IT due to the lack of standardization and skillsets of OT operators.
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