Episode #26: Like What You Want To Like!

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Great honk! It's a new episode of What Does It Matter? Podcast!
Episode #26: Like What You Want To Like!
Chris Mannix is a stand up guy!
I mean, he did sit down to record this episode.
We had been scheduling and re-scheduling and I'm very happy to have finally recorded an episode with the brains behind Nerd Base and so much more!
Be prepared! We geek out about random things.... a LOT!
The episode starts at 4:30 but, as always, you should enjoy the intro!
Download the episode HERE!
Intro and drinking game!
Background acting!
Legendary roles!
Breaking Thrones?
The Last Starfighter!
Remo The Destroyer!
Horror movies.
Ridley Scott.
Music stuff.
Quoting Willow.
Weird for weird.
Art flicks.
Monty Python and Muppets!
"The Gates Of Fallopiah" by Sean Faust. Drums by Edward Faust.
Copyright 1997 Verkelehiekelum Music
"Echoes" by Pink Floyd.
Performed by: Guy Heller, Bill Fowler, Mickey Melchiondo, Ray Kubian, Sean Faust, and Chris Williams
"Boba Fett" by Sean Faust.
Copyright 1983, 2015 Verkelehiekelum Music
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