#38 - Non-Traditional Roles for Psychologists with APS Executive Officer Debbie Hsu


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Debbie Hsu is a Clinical Psychologist and the Executive Officer at the Australian Psychological Society (APS). She was originally enrolled in a Bachelor of Medicine with a plan of becoming a Psychiatrist. Her plan did not go as "planned" and Debbie became a psychologist instead!

Debbie's esteemed career began in Child Protection, where as a fresh graduate she was catapulted into a senior position, following the departure of her supervisor and the senior psychologist. Debbie took this in her stride, and not only worked as a clinician but as a supervisor, trainer, researcher, writer and liaison with community organisations. It was here she also developed a strong interest in systems. My sense chatting to Debbie is that she has been courageously rolling with the punches ever since and has had an incredibly successful career as a result!

Some of Debbie's previous roles include:

  • Non-executive Board Director (APS) Executive Director, CAMHS, Child and Adolescent Health Service (Western Australia)
  • Program Manager at North Metropolitan Area Health Service
  • Visiting Clinical Psychologist (i.e. fly in fly out) at the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community Mental Health Service
  • Senior psychologist at the Swan Valley Cild and Adolescence Mental Health Service
  • Senior psychologist and then Clinic Coordinator at the Bentley Health Service Family Clinic
  • Clinical Psychologist at the Institute for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Lecturer, School of Psychology, University of Western Australia

If you're interested in learn more about the workings of the APS and roles for psychologists beyond traditional clinical roles, you will love this interview with Debbie Hsu.

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