#39 - Mindfulness Meditation with Dr Richard Chambers


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Dr Richard Chambers is a clinical psychologist and internationally-recognised expert in mindfulness. He has authored books on the topic including The Art Of Mindful Origami and co-authored Mindful Learning and Mindful Relationships. Richard was also one of the developers of Smiling Mind (mindfulness app), and co-founder of Recharge.

Richard provides clinical psychology sessions in his private practice for individuals and couples. These emphasise the transformative effects of mindfulness combined with a range of other effective, evidence-based therapies including CBT, ACT and Gottman Couple’s Therapy.

Richard provides mindfulness presentations, workshops and courses for organisations and the general public that are designed to teach you how to be more present and engaged in every area of your life. His goal is to teach mindfulness in a practical evidence-based way so it can be easily grasped and seamlessly integrated it into one's personal life or workplace.

At Monash University, Richards is leading an initiative to create the world’s first mindful university, embedding mindfulness in the core curriculum for all students.

For over 15 years Richard has helped a growing number of individuals, educational institutions, businesses, professional sporting teams and community organisations use mindfulness to improve their wellbeing and performance.

He regularly features in mainstream TV, radio and print media, discussing how mindfulness, wellbeing, productivity and positive psychology can enhance our lives.

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