#45 - Transdiagnostic Approaches with Dr Peter Norton


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Professor Peter Norton is an internationally recognised expert in the study and cognitive-behavioural treatment of anxiety disorders. He is also an expert in Transdiagnostic Approaches to mental health treatment.

Dr Norton's research explores transdiagnostic and diagnosis-specific factors across anxiety and other emotional disorders, and translates these factors into efficacious and efficient interventions. This work involves a combination of basic and experimental research to better understand common and unique aspects of affective psychopathology, and clinical outcomes research to develop and evaluate new or modified interventions to target these core features.

Dr Norton's training and career has crossed continents including Canada, the US and Australia. He is currently a Professor of Psychology at Monash University in Melbourne Australia.

For all the links Dr Norton spoke about and his self care tip, check out the show notes on the website!

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