#49 – Early Career Psychologist Series, Chapter 2 – Kieran and Tania


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This episode is the second of a series of five chapters with early career psychologists. They’re either completing their training, or are in their early years of working, and come from all different backgrounds with vastly different life experiences.

I love how in this small sample of seven people, you get a sense of the diversity of individuals that come to this profession. After publishing just three of these interviews you'll see what I mean!

Each person reminds me of the sheer determination and hard work it takes to become a psychologist, something we should pat ourselves on the back for achieving, regularly!

In this episode I’m chatting to Kieran Martin, 40 year old father of 5 and 27 year old Tanya Muller who lives on a sheep station in rural NSW. So have a listen and see how we all wear it differently with Kieran Martin and Tanya Muller.

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