#MM02 - Q&A Mondays with Moshe Lang: Supporting Family Members & The Power of Life Experience for Therapists


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This is Episode 2 of the new Q and A series with psychologist Moshe Lang, Australia's best known family therapist, renowned author and teacher.

Every fortnight WAWID listeners send me questions to ask Moshe. These questions can be be about anything to do with his journey, therapy or in the field of mental health. Moshe is an incredibly curious person, and loves a challenge - he tells me he'll tackle anything sent his way. This weeks questions are:

1) What advice would you give to family and friends who have a loved one going through depression or anxiety? They play a crucial support role yet are rarely included as part of an ongoing plan.

2) Starting from a broad perspective, I would love to know what advice Moshe has for a 'mature ' starter in the field of therapy. I think I've said here before that my later life journey to Psychology is really about self-actualization. I genuinely feel that I am in the process of becoming what/who I am meant to be. The question (about bloody time, Jim!), is how do I utilise the life experience that I have to help others, in a world of psychology that seems so fixated on A+B = C? All of our training seems to be focused on method or 'X' theory, rather than the reality of human interaction that Moshe so beautifully illustrates in his discussions with you. I'm half way through Honours and I'm genuinely concerned that in order to work, I'll need to join some school of thought (i.e, CBT, EMDR) that has been proven (and do work, don't get me wrong ), but to me, are empty of human empathy, compassion and connection. How do emerging Psychologists boldly become Mongrel/Bitsa qualified?

For more information on Moshe or to send in a question please check out the website.

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