#MM08 – Q&A Mondays with Moshe Lang: Developmental Trauma and the Purpose of Guilt


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This is Episode 8 of the Q and A series with psychologist Moshe Lang. Moshe Lang is one of Australia’s best known family therapists, a renowned author and teacher. He has been practicing psychotherapy for over 52 years and is insatiably curious, and wonderfully wise.

Every fortnight WAWID listeners send me questions that Moshe generously answers. These questions can be be about anything to do with his journey, therapy or the field of mental health ore generally. If you have a question we'd love to answer it!

This weeks questions from WAWID listeners are:

  • Developmental trauma is currently at the forefront of research with better understandings of how trauma can effect childhood development. In your experience as a family therapist, what is the most important focus for families who are dealing with a child with complex trauma? Terra (Canada)
  • Moshe, what do you think about guilt? Is it real, is it useful? Should one have it? How is it enabling or impeding? And what's it's relationship to shame, particularly in a family context? Any thoughts on this? Emily (Germany)

For more information on Moshe Lang check out the show notes or listen to his 3-part episode on We All Wear it Differently.

This episode was sponsored by the ANZ ACBS 2016 Conference in Melbourne between 5-9th November . If you’re interested in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion and Mindfulness check out their website for further details!

This year they have pre-conference workshops that will appeal to a broad range of practitioners:

  • Dr Dennis Tirch - a world expert on compassion-based therapies
  • Dr Matt Villatte - an intensive training on values work to foster meaning and motivation, using clinical Relational Frame Theory principles (for background: http://drericmorris.com/2016/05/02/mtccreview/)
  • Dr David Gillanders - an international expert in health psychology, presenting on acceptance, mindfulness and values applied to medical problems.

All three pre-conference workshops are suitable for beginners and those on training courses, with a very competitive student rate to register!

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