WPG Ep 172: Pucks, Geeks & Riots

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On this episode of We Be Geeks, we welcome Carl from the 4th line podcast, which can be found on the We Be Geeks network. Carl tells us a bit about his podcast that focuses on hockey which then leads into a discussion about how some teams treat fans who wear opposing jerseys, the hockey playoffs, and Carl’s thoughts on expansion teams. We ask Carl about some of the other things he geeks out about, then move on to talk about the Red Wings and the differences and similarities in the jerseys of the Penguins and Bruins. After the hockey talk, the conversation moves more to the geek side of things as we have a lengthy discussion about Captain America and the reaction to the recent major reveal in his Marvel comic book. After that, we talk about fandom, getting Carl’s thoughts on American fans verses Canadian fans, and then talk about an article stating that fandom is broken. During that discussion, we talk about social media’s effect on fandom, Star Wars fans who got upset about Disney’s cancellation of the Expanded Universe, and the extreme fans (aka fanatics) that can be found in both geekdom, as well as in sports. We move back to sports briefly as we discuss the Canadian Football League, fan riots, and then move back to hockey. We ask Carl’s thoughts on television deals for the hockey playoffs, then bring up a story about a Lego statue that had been destroyed after a child bumped into it. We then discuss a story about actress Willa Holand blasting Warner Brothers for preventing the television incarnation of the Suicide Squad, which then leads us to question the claims by Marvel Studios that their movies and television shows are all connected. We talk about whether or not there might ever be a Green Arrow film, discuss reshoots that have been scheduled for Star Wars: Rogue One, and the disappointment that was the C-3P0 comic. We ask Carl how he became a hockey fan, then talk about some cool yet expensive Star Wars merchandise before finishing off the episode with a discussion about accents, particularly Carl’s Canadian accent.

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