Episode 26 - Fear Park: First Scream


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It's 1935 and the town of Fear Street knows just how to beat the depression. They'll build an amusement park in Fear Woods! They just have to steal the land from Nicholas Fear first and we all know that people who piss off a Fear tend to live long healthy lives. Join us to find out how many generations of Shadyside kids will suffer for the mistakes of the past in Fear Park: The First Scream. ------------- Three 90's kids and book club friends discuss the entire Fear Street series by R.L. Stine. Mia and Michelle who read the books as kids are joined by Cassi who is reading them for the first time. Follow us @fearstpodcast on Twitter Check out our blog @ fearstreetpodcast.blogspot.com/ Music Cred: Creepy Loop by LisaCole

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