WLTP #159 - Defunct Disney Attractions Trivia & Our Favorite Disney Merchandise!


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On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, the King of the Castle Disney Trivia Challenge is back! Queen Miriam's reign has reached over a year long! So today, we brought in a ringer! It's Youtube's "Teacup for One's" very own Matthew Yipchuck!

These two Disnerdy mega brains are about to duke it out for all the marbles! Today's theme? Defuncted Disney Attractions!!! Do you know your retired rides? Can you beat our Disnerds? Whoa mama! It's trivia time!!

And we got even more fun. Do you like Disney merchandise....yeah you do! You're listening to this podcast, aren't ya?! Today we are talking about all our favorite Disney souvenirs. From sweet keepsakes to the ridiculous chachkies, we are giving you all our favs!

We got all this merchandise fun and trivia magic too, and it's all right here on the 159th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!

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