Kasi Lemmons & 'Eve's Bayou' (with Lu Asfaha)


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This week we’re taking a trip to 1960s Louisana with Toronto filmmaker Lu Asfaha! As Kasi Lemmons tours the world with her new film, HARRIET, we’re revisiting her magical debut feature, EVE’S BAYOU, a film about growing up, sisterhood and the complicated nature of memory. After lamenting the fact that Lemmons didn’t get all the calls after this truly remarkable work (which Roger Ebert dubbed best film of 1997!!) killed at the box office, we celebrate the other incredible women who helped her bring the film to life (including cinematographer Amy Vincent, actresses Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Debbi Morgan). Plus, Lu speaks to the ways Lemmons inspires her as a genre writer/director and gives us a sneak peek of her two (!!) films screening at the Regent Park Film Festival this month: DEAD END (November 20) and PALADIN (November 21). And Danita debuts her fan theory linking Eve Batiste to Danny “Redrum” Torrence!
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