WTMusic: The Bloodline of Shark Island With Richard Black


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The We Talk Music podcast has a very special treat for you Shark Island fans thanks to our latest interview with singer Richard Black. The highly cerebral singer joins the show for a fascinating chat covering several topics present, past and future for the band, including: The subtext of the lyrics on the new album Bloodline that begs for multiple listens The reason people always return to familiar bands and songs Shark Island's evolving sound and how it got misrepresented Pressure put on bands to succeed and the sacrifices you have to decide for and against accepting The story behind his Halloween Andy Warhol costume he wore during the recording of Day of the Dead: Alive in Zagreb How Shark Island came to record Santa Clause is Coming to Town to Judas Priest's Heading Out to the Highway This interview has everything you can imagine. Great stories, tremendous laughs, new insights and much more. It's awesome stuff so check it out and make sure to get Shark Island Bloodline, available wherever you get your music from. Three great ways to subscribe to We Talk Podcasts now. Try us on iTunes. For those of you looking for an alternative we’re now available on Stitcher Radio. You can also check the show out on the versatile TuneIn radio. And join the We Talk Conversation on Twitter @wetalkpodcasts. Plus give us a like now on Facebook. And check out the We Talk Music Archives for dozens and dozens of great interviews.

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