EP.46: DECISION by PR: Some Thoughts on Public Relations as CORPORATE STRATEGY-


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Housekeeping: Podcasts should land generally land on Thursdays. You can subscribe to the podcasts on major podcast networks. HAVEN PELL'S Blog can be found here: PUNDIFICATOR On this week's podcast, we have some back and forth on the emerging prevalence of public relations and its increasing importance in corporate strategy. Discussion outline below . . . The Dangers of the "Spindustry".The use of avatars to represent climate change- are they created or natural occurring representatives.Naomi Seibt- as the counterpoint to Greta Thurnberg on climate change- is she a "created" representative. NYPOST: GRETA vs NAOMIThe Potential Damage to Unwitting Avatars (especially those pulled out of central casting)Coronavirus- Catastrophists vs. Slow Adopters. How did views change so quickly? (This was recorded before the Rudy Gobert news and the cancellation of the major sports events)The Innovation of Adoption Lifecycles- Innovators, Early adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority, Laggards."Abundance of Caution" vs "Self Quarantines Don't Work in Democracies."How does one project calm and competence (before having proved these traits)?What happens when people have to actually rethink their lives?Is there a consequence to being over-confident?The Tylenol case- a good example of PR driving the corporate strategy.Crisis Management: Doing the right thing, being smart legally and defending the brand and the business. The tension between the PR strategy and the legal strategy . . .Strategy by Avatar may not work- I can't remember Naomi Seibt's name!!! ESG investing and Public Relations- how is reputation/PR scored?Is it reputation well understood in the investment world? Significant? https://www.amazon.com/Wealth-Actually-Intelligent-Decision-Making-1-ebook/dp/B07FPQJJQT

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