MEGXIT: “The Pundificator” and “Wealth, Actually” take on the Royal Woes


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It didn't take long for Haven and I to reach back across the pond for a topic to chew on . . . and this week we wrangle over the mess of the potential "departure" of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan (and son, Archie) from the official royal duties of the British Monarchy. NY TIMES: The Crisis . . . . after the Crisis Page Six opines! Canada Shrugs: We take some time to go over The implications of this kind of move to the families, the institution of the monarchy and Britain in general.The risks of a "Sussex Royal" brandThe poor Queen Mum having to deal with this . . . Some of the potential motivations behind it,And the likely chaos that could be coming in it's wake . . . We also put on our family governance hats and mused as to what we would do if we were dropped into the family situation and could advise the Royals on a course of action. Hopefully it would produce some short term successes, lay the groundwork for future harmony and, finally, restore some stability and long-term planning and structure for the Crown and its relationship to the country. Enjoy! And if you like the podcast, like, subscribe, comment and refer it to friends.

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