How to Protect Yourself from Scams and Fake Reviews


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Fake reviews. They are all over.

How to protect yourself from fake reviews and fake social proof.

In this episode you'll learn how to protect yourself from fake social proof marketing and scams.

Many marketers use fake reviews from their affiliates to drive traffic to their fraudulent products.

They rely on fake social proof and take advantage of innocent people and the human tendency to give in to greed in order to sell them a worthless product.

In fact, many fraudulent marketers, like Timothy Sykes, rely on elaborate marketing plans that include affiliate marketing, fake trades, fake testimonials, paid media appearances and using charities to increase their reputation - while they scam innocent people out of their money.

It's an elaborate scheme that includes fake testimonials, fake social proof, Trustpilot and other fake review sites, affiliates creating fake reviews, paid endorsements, using paid media appearances to appear legitimate, using charities to appear legitimate, repeating a lie profusely and also relying and taking advantage of people's greed.

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