Schools RUIN Our Children's Future & are Psychologically Harmful


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Schools damage children.

If you want a happy and successful child, then you'll put the odds in your child's favor if you AVOID sending them to school.

Both private and public schools are bad, they do not teach positive psychology.

Instead, they foster competition among students.

They do not teach self-love, instead they punish mistakes and make children feel inadequate.

Schools rob children of their individuality and encourage students to not challenge authority.

Have an opinion that differs from your teachers? Too bad, it's automatically less valuable because you're younger than your teacher.

Schools ruin children. I have no doubt about it.

Of course, there are a few students who succeed DESPITE school.

They do not succeed because of school.

Another reason why schools are bad is that they don't actually teach you valuable skills.

Schools reward memorization. Yet, they don't teach kids life skills such as how to avoid addiction, how to eat healthy, how to take care of themselves, how to love, value and honor themselves and others, etc.

There are a lot of reasons why public schools are bad.

These include bullying in school (school bullying) and not instilling confidence in our children.

Is college a scam?


I graduated from an Ivy League University yet college is definitely one of the worst values our there.

It eats up a lot of time & money yet provides minimum value.

What's the solution?


Is homeschooling better? Of course. The United States school system is broken.

Homeschooling teaches positive psychology and self-love.

There are other reasons why public schools are bad.

There is child abuse in schools, school shootings, other abuse in schools and belief that teachers damage children's psychology.

Schools damage children.

I have no doubt about it.

If you want a healthy child, you'll have to homeschool them.

Besides, it's not like schools actually teach anything valuable.

Do they teach you how to do online marketing, or eat good food, or to take care of yourself, or to love yourself or to do your taxes?

No... they do not teach skills.

Instead, they teach our children garbage.

That's why the schools ruin children.

Remember that schools are bad and that college is a scam!

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