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College is one of the biggest scams in the United States; and I graduated from an Ivy League University (Cornell) with a ~3.8 GPA

Learn why the majority of the young kids should NOT go to college.

Instead, they should use that money and TIME to learn valuable skills.

When I was younger, if you didn't go to college, you were considered a "loser".

These days, it's so easy to learn skills.

As long as you're self-motivated and disciplined, you can learn practically anything BETTER yourself than by going to college.

Besides, ~98% of the stuff you learn in college will be useless.

While my father is a doctor, and my best friend is a doctor as well, I don't believe that kids should make irreversible decisions at 18 that impact their lives.

My friend doesn't like his job, but... he invested 10 years of his life and over $400,000, so he feels trapped!


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