Thoughts on Mandates, Nullification, and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself Moving Forward


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Last week, Joe Biden finally made his anticipated announcement about mandated vaccinations, not just for all federal employees and employees of federal contractors, but for all private employers with more than 100 employees. This will impact something like two-thirds of the American population.
Suddenly millions of people are recognizing the value of being able to control their source of their income while making that income mobile.
Normally this would be the time for a great big "I told you so."
After spending the last few years warning people that something like this was coming, after all the slings and arrows from people claiming we don't care about liberty anymore and we've abandoned the liberty movement, you'd think it'd be pretty gratifying to revel in the moment where everyone truly realizes that we were right all along.
But “I told you so” doesn’t feel good, because we don’t like seeing people go through this. And, unfortunately, it’s just gonna keep getting worse.
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