You Can't Get Rich By Demand: How to Stay Broke and Unhappy


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Hospital and healthcare workers across the US say that their industry exploits them and leaves them often unable to afford healthcare, despite working in the sector.

As is typically the case, they've accepted the lie that their best course of action is striking. That is, unless hospitals meet their demands. They're asking for $15/hour minimum wages, better facilities, and a bunch of other stuff.

Here's the problem: you can't get rich by demanding that people give you more money.

They might win a campaign for higher wages. But they will lose in the long run. Because their minds aren't right, and they don't understand how a market works.

If you want more from someone, you have to offer more. If your services are worth less than $15/hour, that's what you'll get paid. And it's up to you to change that. As long as you're in the business of demanding "more," whomever already has "more" controls you. That makes you easy to replace.

Bernie Sanders wants you to "fight for a living wage!" because while you're fighting for wages, you aren't a threat. You're dependent.

It's easy to be broke and unhappy. What they don't want you to know is, it's just as easy to be rich and successful.

But first you have to stop thinking like a wage slave and start thinking like a CEO.


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