Ten Wedding Planning BLIND SPOTS to Avoid


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Please, save yourself the stress & avoid these TEN wedding planning "blind spots" at all costs!

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Over the past 4 years of producing the Wedding Planning Podcast, one of my favorite pieces of feedback from you is some variation of, “WOW, we never would have even thought of that!”

I love sharing wedding planning ideas and strategies that go beyond what you might find if you simply google something, or browse through a quick article on a wedding website.

Don’t get me wrong, we cover the basics here too - but I LOVE digging down deeper to find the solutions and options that aren’t quite so obvious, and that might offer a really creative way to put a unique spin on your day, make your guests’ experience that much more incredible, or save you a ton of money by simply making a little adjustment or swap.

Today we’re going to cover TEN wedding planning “blind spots” - areas that past couples and listeners of the podcast have pointed out as things they wouldn’t necessarily have thought about during their planning, but that became clear after listening to an episode, or in some cases, after their actual wedding was over and done with (and it was too late …)

If you’re in the early stages of planning, hopefully we can catch a few things now, so that you don’t find yourself a year or two from now saying, if only we knew then what we know now …

Some of the tips from today’s show are very minor, simple pieces of advice while others are a pretty big deal - I’m going to point to a lot of full length episodes that are available to you to download for much more information - I made a blog post with all the show notes so you don’t miss a thing, and you don’t have to be frantically writing down notes while you listen. You can visit that post at www.weddingplanningpodcast.co/blindspot

You have literally millions of options in terms of wedding websites, blogs, magazines, and other podcasts, and I thank you from my whole heart for spending this time with me, and for including me in your wedding planning journey. It’s a huge honor, and a huge responsibility that I hold with endless respect and gratitude, thank you.

I’ll meet you here again next week, same time, same place!


xo Kara

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