Setting up a Beer & Wine Bar


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What’s cocktail hour without … cocktails? Today we’re walking through an ultimate guide to everything you need to know about setting up a beer and wine bar for the wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, or any other event you host.

The savings in supplying your own bar are really quite stunning. If your venue will allow you to bring in your own beer, wine, and / or liquor, then I beg you to consider this a top priority.

And, as with all the things we’re going to cover - if the thought of you personally handling it is completely overwhelming and out of the question, then delegate it to someone else! The bar is a perfect item to hand over to your fiance, a friend or a family member.

The first step is to decide what you’re going to serve. You could choose to do beer & wine only, add in a signature cocktail or two, or go full-blown with beer, wine and liquor for mixed drinks.

And naturally, I know that there are couples who will opt for no alcohol to be served at all, and of course what we’re discussing today applies to non-alcoholic selections as well.

I like beer & wine only for a couple reasons - it’s simple. Cutting out liquor, mixers, and the drink accessories like limes, cherries, umbrellas - not to mention the added work for your bartender - is the main benefit.

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