Wedding Ceremony & Your Officiant


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Today we're giving your ceremony the time and attention it deserves, in a detailed show that covers everything from choosing your officiant, to writing vows, selecting ceremony traditions, and more.

Your wedding ceremony is a HUGE deal! These 20 minutes or so are the WHY of the entire wedding, and yet the ceremony can get obscured by the million other things on your mind as you're frantically planning this wedding.

Be sure to stick around until the very end when I share a bonus tip to make your first kiss photo even more WOW-worthy!

Other notes & resources:

  • The book I mention, "Asked to Officiate" is available at , but here's a more direct link that was too long to read off in the show:

  • Are you in the Southern California area, and looking for an officiant? You can learn more about Bethel Nathan here. Be sure to let her know that Kara sent you ;)

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