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I mentioned on Instagram last week that wedding troubleshooting is one of my super powers, and you really put me to the test with your questions on managing difficult family dynamics during your engagement.

Today we’re going to power through a candid conversation on dealing with your most challenging family issues surrounding the wedding.

Managing your relationships with your family during your engagement can be incredibly challenging. From misunderstandings & miscommunications with Mom, to dealing with estranged family members, choosing who to walk you down the aisle when you come from a complex blended family, who’s paying for what, who gets to invite who ... this list, as you can guess, goes on and on.

Well guess what - I have good news & bad news.

The good news is that when you get married, you assume an entire second family who will be there to love & support you in the years to come.

The bad news? That second family comes with a whole new set of challenges & dynamics to navigate.

Tune in to today's show for so much more!

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