Ep 159 - Wine in the News March 2019


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Below are the articles referenced in this week's episode.

Millennials Now Ruining Wine As Well By W. Blake Gray Posted Friday, 18-Jan-2019, Wine-Searcher

Sensory tests suggest 'liking' wines made with native grapes a learned response March 6, 2019, Source: Penn State, featured in Science Daily

The mysterious case of the cork-tainted carrots Esther Mobley Feb. 7, 2019, San Francisco Chronicle

SAUVIGNON BLANC ‘SUFFERS FROM AN IMAGE PROBLEM’ 8th February, 2019 by Lucy Shaw, The Drink Business

Constellation Brands to Discontinue 40% of Wine & Spirits Portfolio BY LESLIE GEVIRTZ, February 21, 2019, Wine Enthusiast

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